Waiting with bated breath…

On August 8th, 2010 we officially submitted the storyboards and game-play for our upcoming title “Swim Fishy Swim” to the Indie-Fund. Although youtube insight only updates once a day, I can’t help refreshing the page at least three times an hour. I can’t tell if anyone’s looked at it, but we did get one hit from Arizona (so I hope that’s Flashbang Studios) and one hit from Japan.

‘Having read nearly all the blog entries on the most excellent 2D Boy website, I know that one of them went to Japan once… for like 2 months… in 2008… So, I’ve decided to pretend they’re looking at it, too (it was probably the search for “Swim Game, Adult”). Sadly, no hits from California yet.

I am left to wonder, with 70 submissions already – does the indie fund have a wellspring of totally awesome, creative projects to choose from? Will gDg get lost in a sea of brilliant designers and engineers who’ve all been footing the same rocky cliff that we have? One part of me says, “I hope so! Imagine the impact of all those new ideas!”, but after two years of weekends putting swim fishy together, I was harboring a fantasy that they’d be impressed, or at least, pleasantly surprised with our work.

On that thought, wouldn’t it be nice if everyone submitting had a forum where we could all commiserate, share, and compare?

Well, we’ll see what they say – and if you’re in the mood – knock on some wood or keep your fingers crossed for us! (We can’t, we have to keeping hitting F5 on the insight page)

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2 Responses to Waiting with bated breath…

  1. Patt Snow says:

    Eags, your posting really resonated with me and I’m sure with anyone who ever had a dream. It’s never a waste. I especially appreciate your candor. You reminded me to keep up the good fight with my own dreams.

  2. August Dallaire says:

    Love your site man keep up the good work

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