Two years down, one big milestone, and a little time…

The Texture of the Bumblefish

The Texture of the Bumblefish

Two years. That’s a lot of effort for almost any project. Not just from the development team, but from our families. Every weekend and major holiday has been filled with game design, software design, reading hardware documentation, patents, engine programming, game play tweaking, texture mapping, model animating, controller waggling, button mashing, sound effect generating, music composing, and lots of other hard/fun stuff. That doesn’t even include all the work it took setting up a business!

Well, all of that effort really culminates into one major milestone for our team: The submission to Nintendo of America for official developer status… and we just sent in our documentation!

Unfortunately, it looks like a long process to complete (hello reality, nice to see you again). Since everyone else who already did this signed a NDA, we don’t really know what to expect. What if Nintendo doesn’t like us? What if they look at us, scoff, and mumble “N00bs” before throwing us in the discard pile? What if they don’t like goldfish? What if they don’t like Pickles?! *GASP* … that’s really too horrible to imagine!

Anyway, the multitude of horrifying and pickle-less possibilities are endless, true, but so are the awesome ones. Those are the ones we’ve been banking on this whole time, and I’ve just got a feeling that we’re going to love these guys/gals at Nintendo. If we’re lucky, we’ve done our homework right, and they’ll love us too.

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