Drawn to you

an Art Game by Team Sheeps

Drawn to You explores the universality of Drawn To You - Title Screenrelationships, morality, mortality, and loss. Open-ended, simple mechanics and a two dimensional style makes the game more accessible to a non-traditional audience and bridges the divide between art and game. The familiarity and simplicity of the top down exploration adventure game allows users to focus less on complex game play and more on their own personal experience. Typical video game features like power ups, collectible items, and player control bear the weight of decisions we face in our own lives: feathers gathered by a sick and dying partner don’t create great strengDrawToYou - The World Falls Apartth but the very mortal strength to merely keep going; lanterns collected allow greater field of sight but is still restricted by the limitations of the material world; the necessity of two players not only creates an intimacy within the game but between the users as well. Players advancing through the game must ask themselves difficult questions as they confront illness, what it means to be a partner, and how to continue as the world breaks apart beneath them.

[Download for Windows]

[Play in your Browser]

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